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XL years of XLence

Open 9am-6pm Monday to Saturday

10am-6pm Sunday

(Cafe 9.30am-5.15pm, 10am-5.15pm Sunday)


To order a copy of the George Orwell: The Complete Poetry (£8.99 + £1.26 postage) please call the shop on 01629 823272 or email us at

THANK YOU to all that helped support our Crowd Funding campaign – we raised a grand total of £12,000 (£7,000 net after reward packs have been accounted for) which will cover the costs of essential building work in the bookshop. A section will be added to the website with full details, a thank you page and photographs very soon.



What a boast! MOST enjoyable?? MOST BOASTFUL perhaps! The earlier motto was: A Bookshop for the Majority of Minorities but latterly our job has become to help you have a DAY OFFLINE! (so exit this site and get here ‘ere night)

And this remains accurate. What we SPECIALISE IN is SURVIVING, and we can only survive in this beautiful but congested and hidden place because we offer the Compleat Bookshop Experience and a service both Quirky and Competent, during these hours: 9-6 Monday-Saturday; 12 – 6 Sundays and New Year’s Day. The café opens at 9.30am Mon-Sat (12pm Sun), last orders daily at 5.15. We are closed 25th and 26th December. Telephone (U.K.) 01629 823272.

Scarthin Books - watercolour drawing

Scarthin Books – watercolour drawing

While boasting, we also boast New Books (40,000+), Second-Hand (50,000+), Rare and Antiquarian (5,000+), Music, Café, Publishing.

According to an old friend, Brian MacDonald,

‘Books are alright for when you’re young, and when you’re old and past it, but in between, what’s wrong with real life?!’

Or to quote a very recent overheard conversation or SIGH OF THE TIMES,

‘AAAHHHH -WOW! Fantastic – How much are they? – A LOT!’

So, welcome to the BAFFLING website of Scarthin Books, a sort of One Stop Bookshop, notorious for being also a Long Stop Bookshop. We have separate new and second-hand sections on all subjects.(“What All?”, “Yes All!”, “What All?”, Well, nearly All.”), though we often need to ask each other where New Cycling or Second-hand Canals or Chess has got to.

Children’s Books are a particular strength, with some 9000 separate new titles in the recently transformed children’s book room. Musical Scores & Books are also profusely present, though hard to keep in order. We afford Edmund (Birmingham Conservatoire etc.)  to come and refresh the repertoire as frequently as possible. We also boast a homely café with many curious exhibits on almost the only un-booked walls in the building. We are publishers of books on Derbyshire, local history and the popular Family Walks series. Our second-hand books don’t seem to compete with our new books, though the Internet may be competing with both. For a chilling view of the future, already as far East as Berkeley, California, read this article, which we found via Peter Robins’ Daily Telegraph Book Blog. Although my Astrophysicist friend, Melvyn, says things are nor as bad in Berkeley Ca as this article makes out. But do you read, Melvyn?

This online presence does include the possibility of browsing among or ordering RARE BOOKS or our own PUBLICATIONS, or even ANY BOOK IN PRINT, plus a selection of recommended new titles.  There is also a facility to complete an online enquiry form for reserving or ordering books and we also offer a book-search service for tracking down out-of-print titles.  Just click on any of these categories just listed.

E-mails, to are as welcome or unwelcome as letters, faxes, phone-calls and answer phone recordings. Barring mishaps, ALL messages will be answered, orders quickest of all, publishing enquiries slowest of all, offers of books usually within a day or two (the river of books is always in spate here, “for rain has been falling far off at their fountains”).

We like to link to other interesting pages, particularly literary, scientific, ecological and thought-provoking – as well as to other small businesses providing services which are useful or local or singular or run by friends/relatives – or all of these!

Oh, and a few more SUITABLE SLOGANS, about the only poetical outlet for a Commercial Gent. Here they come.

Britain’s Least-Leveraged Bookshop – one we’re sending to our SLIGHTLY late-paid suppliers

What a fabulous bookshop, so much to offer -if you’ve brought your spectacles! -a quote from 4.12.08

There’s nothing but books in ‘ere. – an (incorrect) quote from time-out-of-mind

Every time I come, I’m going to spend NO MONEY – but I always do!

We hope you enjoy taking a peek through our doors through our website, to hopefully entice you to come and visit us, to join us on our social media or simply to buy your books online. We will answer any queries you have, our aim is to provide the best book experience in the world, giving you the best customer service and continuing to make millions of delighted customers.

If you decide to come and visit us, you will not be disappointed. Not only is our book shop in Cromford an experience in itself, but the wonderful village of Cromford and its surrounding areas within Derbyshire and the Peak District are absolutely fantastic!

Enjoy and Welcome to the wonderful world of Scarthin Books, Britain’s most enjoyable bookstore (for the benefit of our American visitors, or perhaps even Britain’s best bookstore (?), certainly one of Britain’s most unusual bookstores).


From the Guardian Online’s list of the ‘World’s 10 Best Bookshops‘, which had Scarthin Books at number six….

6) Scarthin’s in the Peak District

Of course, others might prefer the altogether more earthy beauty of a shop like Scarthin Books in the Peak District. Scarthin’s has been selling new and second-hand books since the mid-1970s. It has rooms full of new and old books, a delightful café and what can best be described as a small exhibition of curiosities on the first floor. It is a bookshop so beloved, that it advertises local guest and farmhouses on its websites where devotees can stay overnight.

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XL years of XLence

Quae quaeris tulisti – that which you seek you bear with you